Research Article

Effective Scheme of Channel Tracking and Estimation for Mobile WiMAX DL-PUSC System

Table 1

Profile parameters.

Bandwidth8.75 MHzFFT size1024

Sampling factor n8/7Number of used subcarriers N used840
Sampling frequency10 MHzFrame structure1 preamble symbol + 48 data symbol
Subcarrier space9.765625 KHzModulation modeQPSK 16-QAM 64-QAM
Useful symbol time Tb102.4 μsCP ratio G1/8
Guard interval Tg12.8 μsChannel codingCC(171,133) rate 1/2
OFDM symbol time Ts115.2 μsCarrier frequency2.3 GHz
Number of user3System modeDL-PUSC