m, min, power: integer
RE(C): the remaining energy of the active node in the cell C
[i′, j′]: Address of the next hop cell
[i, j]: Address of the source cell
[H, J]: Address of the CH cell
min ⟵ large value;
power ⟵ 0;
(1)[i′, j′] ⟵ [i, j]; /∗the first next hop cell will be the source cell∗/
(2)While [i′, j′] is not [H, J] do /∗we stop when the next hop is the CH cell∗/
(3) ADJ ⟵ Adjacent (i′, j′); /∗we get the list of the adjacent cells of [i′, j′] from the neighborhood table∗/
(4)For each cell C in ADJ do /∗we search the next hop from the adjacent cells∗/
(5)  index_hop ⟵ Level ([H, J], C) /∗we get the hop index of the adjacent cell with the Algorithm 2∗/
(6)  If index_hop < min then /∗we compare the hop index of all adjacent cells∗/
(7)   min ⟵ index_hop;
(8)   power ⟵ RE(C);
(9)   [i′, j′] ⟵ C;
(10)  Else if index_hop = min and RE(C) > power then /∗ in the case of two adjacent cells with the same hop index we select the cell with the higher value of remaining energy to forward data ∗/
(11)   power ⟵ RE(C);
(12)   [i′, j′] ⟵ C;
(13)  End if
(14)End For
(15)forward data to [i′, j′];
(16)End While
Algorithm 3: Routing in the intracluster.