Journal of Computer Networks and Communications / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Understanding Security Requirements and Challenges in Internet of Things (IoT): A Review

Table 1

Comparison of challenges and open/future issues for different security requirements in IoT network.

Security requirementsChallengesOpen issues and future directions

Profiling and trackingComprehensive privacy-preserving frameworks
PrivacyLocalizationContext-aware privacy policies
Secure data transmissionGame theory based privacy-preserving incentives
Network virtualization and SDNs

ConfidentialityLightweight primitivesEfficient holistic frameworks
Consume low resourceUtilization of SDNs for lightweight security provisioning

Secure routingSecure route establishmentIoT network performance focused routing protocol design
Isolation of malicious nodesEffective and fine grained control over routing activities leveraging SDN
Self-stabilization of the security protocol
Preservation of location privacy

Robust and resilient managementAttack toleranceSDN-based centralized management frameworks
Early detection of attacks
Quick recovery from failures

Attack detection (DDOS and insider)Resource efficient DoS attack detectionLightweight solution for resource constraint device
Resource efficient countermeasuresCentralized SDN detection and mitigation algorithms
Resource efficient insider attack detection