Table 2: Application of liposomes for the delivery of various drug molecules.


GCVLiposomesIn vitro transcorneal permeation and in vivo ocular pharmacokinetics was improved2007[26]
CiprofloxacinLiposomal hydrogelFivefold higher transcorneal permeation than the liposomes alone2010[27]
LevofloxacinLiposomes attached to the contact lensDrug was released following first-order kinetics for more than 6 days and formulation had showed activity against S. aureus. 2007[28]
Herpes simplex virus antigensPeriocular vaccineTreated rabbits showed anti-gB immune response and protected against reactivation of HSV infection2006 [29]
AcetazolamideNeutral- and surface-charged liposomesPositively charged liposomes reduced IOP and exhibited prolonged effect than negatively charged liposomes2007[30]
TacrolimusLiposomesMore than 50 ng/mL vitreous concentration was maintained for 2 weeks and reduced drug related toxicity2010[31]
Vasoactive intestinal peptideRhodamine-conjugated liposomesLiposomes were internalized by retinal Müller glial cells, resident macrophages; majority of the liposomes reached the cervical lymph nodes and resulted in slower release and long-term expression inside the eye2007 [32]
ClodronateLiposomesEffectively inhibit infiltration of ED2-positive macrophages2005[33]
Plasmid DNACationic liposomesSignificantly increased transfection efficiency of pDNA2004[34]
Therapeutic DNACationic lipoplexesAchieved good vitreous mobility with moderately pegylated cationic lipoplexes with size less than 500 nm2005[35]