Journal of Drug Delivery / 2012 / Article / Fig 5

Review Article

PLGA Nanoparticles for Ultrasound-Mediated Gene Delivery to Solid Tumors

Figure 5

PAMAM-dendrimer-based complexes may be an alternative to PEI for pDNA delivery in vivo using NP. (a) PLGA:PAMAM-G5 gives higher tumor expression of reporter pDNA and lower nonspecific lung transfection for a more favorable biocompatible profile in vivo. In this example, A/J mice with subcutaneous Neuro2A tumors received a single intravenous injection of LPEI polyplexes N/P 6 (1) or PAMAM-EDA G5 polyplexes charge ratio 2.9/1 (2) containing plasmid pCpG-hCMV-Luc (2.5 mg/kg based on pDNA) and BLI was carried out 24 h later. Reprinted with permission from [47]. (b) Prolonged reporter gene expression in Neuro2a following intravenous administration of pCpG-hCMV-Luc/PAMAM-EDA G5 polyplexes (± 2.9). Reprinted with permission from [47]. (c) PLGA:PAMAM G5-PEG nanoparticles deliver plasmid DNA more effectively (muscle) than G5. Reprinted with permission from [54].