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International Journal of Experimental Diabetes Research
Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 155-164

D-glucose Stimulates the Na+/k+ Pump in Mouse Pancreatic Islet Cells

Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Section for Histology and Cell Biology, Umed University, Umed SE-901 87, Sweden

Received 30 December 1999; Accepted 12 February 2000

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To determine the effect of D-glucose on the β-cell Na+/k+ pump, R86b+ influx was studied in isolated, -cell-rich islets of Umeå-ob/ob mice in the absence or presence of lmM ouabain. D-glucose (20 mM) stimulated the ouabain-sensitive portion of R86b+ influx by 65%, whereas the ouabain-resistant portion was inhibited by 48%. The Na+/k+ ATPase activity in homogenates of islets of Umeå-ob/ob mice or normal mice was determined to search for direct effects of D-glucose. Thus, ouabain-sensitive ATP hydrolysis in islet homogenates was measured in the presence of different D-glucose concentrations. No effect of D-glucose (3–20 mM) was observed in either ob/ob or normal islets at the optimal Na+/k+ ratio for the enzyme (135 mM Na+ and 20 mM K+). Neither D-glucose (3–20 mM) nor L-glucose or 3-O-methyl-D-glucose (20 mM) affected the enzyme activity at a high Na+/k+ ratio (175 mM Na+ and 0.7mM k+). Diphenylhydantoin (150 μM) decreased the enzyme activity at optimal Na+/k+ ratio, whereas 50 μM of the drug had no effect. The results suggest that D-glucose induces a net stimulation the Na+/k+ pump of β-cells in intact islets and that D-glucose does not exert any direct effect on the Na+/k+ ATPase activity.