Figure 5: Diabetic ocular complications in SDT rats. Large retinal folds are seen in the midperipheral retina and around the optic disk. A tractional retinal detachment is observed with fibrous proliferation (a) (HE stain). Retinal trypsin digestion shows acellular capillaries (b) (HE stain). Tortuous vessels and extensive fluorescein leakages are observed in retinal flat mounts from SDT rats (c, d). Massive hemorrhage in the anterior chamber associated with proliferation around the iris is seen in some severe case (e) (HE stain). The mature cataract is observed clearly in the dilated pupil (f). The sclerotic nucleus floats in a liquefied lens cortex. Vacuolation, disintegration of the lens fibers, and Morgani’s globules are observed in the lens cortex (g) (Elastica van Gieson stain). Figures are modified from [6, 2831].