Table 2: Laboratory data in euthyroid patients and occurrence of hypothyroidism and autoimmunity in hypothyroid patients with diabetes and persons without diabetes.

DataPatients with diabetesPersons without diabetes values

TSH (mU/L)
 95% CI3.1–4.72.9–3.9

FT4 (pmol/L)
 95% CI14.5–15.214.2–15.4

Positive TPOAb (%) in euthyroid patients13.8% (104/751)8.3% (34/409)0.027

Hypothyroidism (%/)6.4% (45/751)5.1% (21/409)0.0038

Positive TPOAb (%) in hypothyroid patients64.4% (29/45)34% (7/21)<0.0001

TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone; FT4: free thyroxine; 25–75%: 25–75 percentiles; CI: confidence interval; NS: not significant. For converting FT4 in nd/dL, multiply pmol/L by 0.078.