Journal of Diabetes Research / 2016 / Article / Fig 5

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Transgenerational Glucose Intolerance of Tumor Necrosis Factor with Epigenetic Alteration in Rat Perirenal Adipose Tissue Induced by Intrauterine Hyperglycemia

Figure 5

Histology and immunohistochemistry of pancreatic islets. (a) HE staining images (400x) of pancreatic islets obtained from F1 and F2 offspring. (b) The area and diameters of pancreatic islets were measured using Image-Pro Plus 6.0, Media Cybernetics. Ten different fields were analyzed for each rat, with a total of six rats per group. (c) Immunohistochemistry of pancreatic islets. (d) Insulin-positive cell area of pancreatic islets was measured using Image-Pro Plus 6.0. Ten different fields were analyzed for each rat; totally six rats in each group were analyzed. Results are presented as means ± SEM, per group; versus F1-CN.