Research Article

Renal Protection by Genetic Deletion of the Atypical Chemokine Receptor ACKR2 in Diabetic OVE Mice

Figure 1

Blood glucose and ACKR2 RNA in diabetic and normal mice, with and without deletion of the ACKR2 gene. (a) ACKR2 knockout did not affect blood glucose levels in free fed normal or diabetic mice. for both nondiabetic groups versus both diabetic groups. , and 11 in FVB, ACKR2, OVE, and OVE-ACKR2 groups, respectively. (b) Low level ACKR2 RNA expression in kidney is eliminated in ACKR2 KO mice. No ACKR2 RNA was detected in any ACKR2 kidney sample. for nondiabetic kidney groups, 3 for diabetic kidney groups, and 2 for normal lung. Data are presented on a graph to include expression values for lung. # indicates that ACKR2 RNA expression in FVB lung was significantly higher than in normal FVB kidney. ACKR2 expression in diabetic kidney tended to be higher than in FVB kidney.