Research Article

Pyruvate-Enriched Oral Rehydration Solution Improves Glucometabolic Disorders in the Kidneys of Diabetic db/db Mice

Figure 1

Pyruvate effects on enzyme activities of glucose metabolism in diabetic kidney homogenates after different treatments (). Oral pyruvate comparably increased PDH and PDHA1, but inhibited AK and PDK activities in groups Pyr and Pyr-ORS, compared to group Con, in diabetic db/db mice (a). Nor (normal), C57BLKS/J nontreated mice; Con (control), C57BLKS/J diabetic db/db nontreated mice; Pyr, db/db mice drunk distilled water containing 1% pyruvate; Pyr-ORS, db/db mice drunk pyruvate-enriched ORS to replace distilled water, containing 0.35% pyruvate; AR: aldose reductase (b); PDH: pyruvate dehydrogenase (c); PDHA1: PDH E1 component subunit alpha (d); PDK: pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (e). Values were . and vs. Con.