Research Article

Distributed Arithmetic for Efficient Base-Band Processing in Real-Time GNSS Software Receivers

Table 1

Amount of integer operations per second necessary to process 𝑁 S a t satellites.

Number of additionsNumber of multiplications

Carrier mixing— 2 ⋅ 𝑁 S a t ⋅ 𝐹 𝑆
Code mixing— 6 ⋅ 𝑁 S a t ⋅ 𝐹 𝑆
Accumulation 6 ⋅ 𝑁 S a t ⋅ 𝐹 𝑆 —
Total 6 ⋅ 𝑁 S a t ⋅ 𝐹 𝑆 8 ⋅ 𝑁 S a t ⋅ 𝐹 𝑆