Research Article

Multimode/Multifrequency Low Frequency Airborne Radar Design

Table 2

System parameters.


Altitude 1300 m 1000 m              1000 m
Carrier163 MHz450 MHz860 MHz
Tx bandwidth10 MHz40 MHz80 MHz
Tx steps  MHz  MHz  MHz
PRF500 Hz2000 Hz4000 Hz
Pulse width (single step)3.3  s for all operative modes
Rx window width10  s8.03  s8.03  s
Antenna typePeriodic LogPlanar array of patchPlanar array of patch, dual polarization
Antenna gain7 dB 17 dB              19 dB
Elevation pointingNadir45° for both SAR operative mode
Azimuth pointingNadir0° for both SAR operative mode
Range aperture68°75°37°
Azimuth aperture50°20°10°
ADC sampling frequency50 MHz/100 MHz for all operative mode
Peak power200 W for all operative mode