Table 1: Design considerations and assumptions.


1LocationLagos, (long 3°24′, lat 6°27′N)
2Drying periodOctober
3Solar irradiation, Lagos (October) 15.4 MJ/m2/hr [10]
4Annual relative humidity of Lagos taken over a ten-year period80% [11]
5Food productsPlantain
6Mode of heatingIndirect
7Number of glazing1
8Glazing materialsGlass
9Loading provisionDoor at the back of cabinet
10Number of trays2
11Air outlet provisionChimney at the top of cabinet
12Air circulation mode Natural convection
13Drying capacity10 kg
14Thickness of plantain fillets3 mm
15Construction materialsWood, glass, mild steel sheet
16Insulation usedGlass fiber
17Thickness of mild steel sheet3 mm
18Thickness of glass4.5 mm
19Thermal conductivity of glass, W/mK0.84 [12]
20Transmittance of glass 0.81
21Emissivity of: glass 0.94 at 72°F [13]
22  Mild steel 0.2–0.32 [13]
23  Paint, flat black lacquer0.96–0.98 [13]
24  Black or white lacquer 0.80–0.95 [13]
25Thermal conductivity of mild steel, W/m°K at 38°C50.0
26Sky temperature 32°C
27Dimension of collector case1.0 m × 1.0 m × 0.2 m
28Dimension of collector channel1.0 m × 0.5 m × 0.1 m
29Initial moisture content of plantain, 70% [14]