Research Article

Semi-Transparent Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Glazing: Investigations of Electrical and Optical Performances for Window Applications in Tropical Region

Table 2

Descriptions of the PV glazing.


PV glazing codeBSM50M
ManufacturerBluesun solar energy Ltd
PV solar cell typeMono 156
Manufacturing dateApril 2019
Layers of the glazing (external to internal)6 mm super white semi-tempered glass (low iron tempered glass)
Standard Test Condition (STC)1000 W/m2, A.M 1.5 and 25°C
Open circuit voltage5.59 V
Short circuit current9.63 A
The voltage at maximum power ()4.38 V
Current at maximum power ()8.39 A
Reference output power50 W
Operating temperature−40°C to +85°C