Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Particulate Emissions: Health Effects and Labour Market Consequences

Table 1

Data structure.

VariableLevelsApplication in analysis

Ds: disease1 if incident disease (first time event of CHD, stroke, or lung cancer in 1999 or COPD hospitalisation in 2006) Main explanatory variable
Age1-year age groupIncluded in propensity score
5-year age intervals5-year age groupUsed for stratification of matching procedure
Gender0 if man; 1 if womanUsed for stratification of matching procedure
CMI: comorbiditiesDiseases weigh from 1 to 6 (modified Charlson index)Included in propensity score
Married: marital status1 if married or cohabiting, 0 otherwiseIncluded in propensity score
Origin: national origin0 if Danish; 1 if not DanishIncluded in propensity score
Edu: length of education1–8, where 8 is university degreeIncluded in propensity score
Socio: socioeconomic status at baseline (1998) People outside the labour market were excluded from this analysis(1) Self-employedIncluded in propensity score
(2) White collar
(3) Blue collar
(4) Unemployed
ResidenceRegional code used as a proxy for urban/ruralIncluded in propensity score
LM: labour market affiliation1 if employed or unemployed, 0 if retired or deadOutcome variable
WageContinuous variable expressing the difference between wage in 2000 and wage in 1998Outcome variable