Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Particulate Emissions: Health Effects and Labour Market Consequences

Table 4

Total productivity costs per 100,000 at risk—aged 50–70 (2000-€).

Hazard ratio of leaving the labour market R1Relative risk of disease2Annual wage
(2000 €)3
Annual average productivity cost €4Annual average wage loss 2000 €5Productivity cost first year €6Accumulated productivity cost over ten years €7

Coronary heart disease1.1291.17529,91367570507,1484,455,856
Lung cancer1.3551.1427,1541,350−1,046278,0092,442,619

1Attributable risk of leaving the labour market: hazard ratios as presented in Table 2.
2Relative risk of disease when exposed to increased particulate emission, according to sources [3, 4].
3Annual wage in 2000 for controls, as in Table 3.
4The annual average productivity cost per patient per year 2000, computed according to (ii).
5The annual average wage loss in year 2000, according to (iii).
6First-year productivity cost per 100,000 population aged 50–70, computed according to (iv).
7Accumulated productivity cost per 100,000 population aged 50–70 over ten years. Computed as the findings of column 6, over a ten-year period, taking into account a declining labour market participation rate and a discount rate of 3 percent p.a.