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Review Article

Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury in Sweat: A Systematic Review

Table 1

Studies of excretion of arsenic in sweat.

StudyCountry, participantsStudy design and interventionKey findings (concentrations of μg/L unless otherwise indicated)

Yousuf et al. 2011 [29]Bangladesh
20 arsenicosis patients with melanosis and leucomelanosis
20 controls with As in drinking water
20 unexposed controls
Secretions from chest, back, and abdomen collected for 24 h, on gauze pads (8-fold; 2 × 3 inches) attached to fitted T-shirtAs secretion severalfold greater for As-exposed groups
No significant difference between patients and As-exposed controls
2 zinc atoms excreted per As atom
Vitamin E excreted with As

Genuis et al. 2010 [3]Canada
10 with chronic conditions
10 healthy
Simultaneous measurement of As in blood plasma, urine, and sweat
Sweating induced by exercise or sauna, collected directly into bottle
17 participants with As detected in all samples
Blood plasma mean: 2.5 (range 0.9–13) ()
Urine mean: 37 (range 4.8–200) ()
Sweat mean: 3.1 (range 3.7–22) ()