Table 3: Discriminatory power of the five QEESI scales either when used alone (univariate analyses) or when combined in a multivariate logistic regression model.

Scale univariate 𝑃 -valueOdds ratio (95% CI) one-point increaseArea under ROC curve

Symptom severity<0.00011.07 (1.06–1.08)0.88 (0.85–0.90)
Chemical intolerances<0.00011.11 (1.09–1.12)0.97 (0.95–0.98)
Other Intolerances<0.00011.07 (1.06–1.08)0.84 (0.81–0.87)
Life Impact<0.00011.10 (1.09–1.12)0.97 (0.96–0.98)
Masking Index (rev)*<0.00012.48 (2.16–2.06)0.81 (0.78–0.84)

 Chemical intolerances<0.00011.06 (1.05–1.08)0.98
 Life Impact<0.00011.06 (1.05–1.07)

*Scores on the Masking Index were reversed in the statistical analyses.