Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Water-Damaged Home and Health of Occupants: A Case Study

Table 1

This table summarizes the results of the E.P.A. ERMI PCR-DNA tests performed on 5 mg dust samples from basement and master bedroom carpeting and master bedroom wall insulation. Only the species detected are listed.

Sample 36 ERMI Q-PCR testCarpet basementCarpet, master BdrmInsulation master Bdrm1Insulation return air ductMoist fiberglass

Group 1 Molds
Asp. penicillioides 7726NDND
A. restrictus NDNDND4040
 A. versicolorNDNDNDND50
E. amstelodamiNDNDND44
Aur. pullulans 18920NDNDND
Ch. globosum ND14NDND2
Cl. Sphaerospermum 93NDNDND
Pae. variotii ND287ND734
P. brevicompactum ND19NDNDND
P. corylophilum NDNDNDND85
P. crustosum NDND3NDND
P. purpurogenum ND2NDNDND
P. spinulosum 15ND3NDND
P. variabile NDNDND1363
T. viride NDNDNSND15
Sum of the Logs6.

Group 2 Molds
A. ustus 24187ND226
Cl. cladosporioides II1NDND652
Ep. nigrum 1517ND658
Ep. nigrum 1517ND145
Mucor/Rhizopus 921NDNDND
P. chrysogenum 548.738ND14.013
Sum of the logs3.

ERMI Value32−303

ERMI InterpretationLevel 3Level 3Level 2Level 2Level 3

ND: Not detected.
1RT-PCR detected Aspergillus fumigatus in a towel taken from the master bathroom.
All values are in Spores E.−/mg dust.