Table 4: This table summarizes the detection of trichothecenes, aflatoxins and ochratoxin A present in bulk samples taken from the master bath, master bedroom (sandal), and crawl space. The reported data are in ppb per mycotoxin.

SampleTrichothecenesAflatoxinsOchratoxin A

Towel—master bath11.71NP4.9
Sandal—master bdrm0.47NP3.4
Wood truss—crawl space1.683.55.8
Gravel—crawl space7.7NP7.7
Dirt—crawl space2.1NP2.1
Plastic sheet—crawl spaceNPNP2.8

Reported data are ppb.
NP: Not present.
Limit of Detection: Trichothecenes (0.2 ppb); Aflatoxins (1.0 ppb); Ochratoxin A (2.0 ppb).