Table 2: Socioeconomic, gynecological, and anthropometric variables of women with breast cancer (cases) and respective controls, from Midwest of Brazil (2008–2010).

VariableCases ( 𝑛 = 9 3 )Controls ( 𝑛 = 1 8 6 ) 𝑃 value*

Age (years)51.9310.0751.779.730.897
Height (cm)1.550.051.550.060.570
Current body mass index (BMI) (kg/m²)27.145.4426.844.530.623
Waist circumference (cm)86.9411.8686.6210.150.819
Adult weight gain (kg)16.9411.6515.6510.510.416

MedianMedian 𝑃 value**

Per capita income (US$)147.00200.000.059
Body mass index (BMI) (kg/m²) at 20 years old21.9121.350.369
Age at menarche (years)13130.283
Age at menopause (years)50480.115
Age at first full pregnancy (years)21200.099
Number of children330.719
Total breastfeeding (months)24280.557

*Student’s t-test. **Mann-Whitney test. SD: standard deviation.