Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Patterns of Tobacco Use and Dual Use in US Young Adults: The Missing Link between Youth Prevention and Adult Cessation

Table 1

Prevalence of tobacco product by first use, ever use, and past 30-day use, using poststratification weights for the full sample.

Ever use ( 𝑁 = 4 2 0 1 ) Tobacco product first    used ( 𝑁 = 2 4 9 3 )   Mean age at initiation     Past 30-day usea Mean no. of days used in past monthb
Prevalence95% CIPrevalence95% CI 𝑁 Mean95% CI 𝑁 Prevalence95% CI 𝑁 Mean95% CI

Pipe (with tobacco)0.09(0.08–0.11)0.01(0.00–0.01)1516.34(11.22–21.46)6290.05(0.03–0.09)2410.14(2.62–17.66)
Little cigars/cigarillos/bidis (like Black & Milds, Swisher Sweets, Phillies Blunt, or Captain Black)0.26(0.24–0.28)0.05(0.04–0.07)15816.92(16.14–17.71)6480.16(0.12–0.21)11710.52(7.40–13.64)
E-cigarettes (like BLU or NJOY)0.06(0.05–0.07) *** *** 320.00(14.51–25.43)6270.07(0.05–0.11)449.04(4.38–13.69)
Chewing tobacco (like Levi Garrett, Red Man, or Beech Nut)0.07(0.06–0.09)0.01(0.01–0.02)2512.65(10.18–15.11)6250.05(0.03–0.09)2411.11(4.88–17.34)
Dip/snuff (like Skoal or Copenhagen)0.10(0.09–0.11)0.03(0.02–0.04)6014.80(13.73–15.88)6270.11(0.08–0.16)4915.14(9.77–20.51)
Snus (like Camel Snus)0.06(0.05–0.07) *** *** 319.25(16.33–22.17)6260.05(0.03–0.08)3610.96(4.90–17.02)
Dissolvable tobacco products (like Ariva, Stonewall, Camel Orbs, Sticks or Strips)0.01(0.00–0.01)β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”6190.01(0.00–0.04)716.29(βˆ’4.87–37.46)
Hookah/shisha (hookah tobacco)0.17(0.16–0.19)0.04(0.03–0.05)12219.32(18.50–20.15)6310.08(0.05–0.12)636.97(1.97–11.96)
Nicotine products (like gum, patches, lozenges)0.07(0.06–0.08) *** *** 122 ***
Otherc *** *** 317.85(14.68–21.02)
Unsure/decline to state0.01(0.00–0.02)1814.07(9.61–18.52)
refused *** ***

Note. In all columns, 𝑁 represents the unweighted denominator for prevalence estimates.
aAmong those who report every day or someday use of cigarettes or other tobacco products.
bAmong those who used at least one day in the past 30 days.
cAll participants responding β€œother” identified β€œclove cigarettes” as the first product used.
***Insufficient precision to report.
β€”No responses.