Table 1: Claim examples.

Claim typeExamplesFood type

NutritionLow-fat snackCandy
Can help lower cholesterolCereal
38% less fatDairy
No sugar addedOther snacks
No trans fatSalty snacks

TasteLong-lasting flavorCandy
Rocks your mouthCereal
Flavor blastedCookies and crackers
Famous tastePrepared foods
Bursting with 35% more flavorSalty snacks
Crisp, clean, and refreshingSoda

FunMade for funBreads and pastries
A little fun any timeCandy
Joy of snackingCereal
Great tasting funJuice
Fuel the funPeanut butter and jelly

Suggested useFreeze n' goDairy
Add to saladFruits and vegetables
Perfect snackFruits and vegetables

ConvenienceTwo to go—save one for laterCandy
To goCookies and crackers
Ready to eatFruits and vegetables
Just heat and enjoyPrepared foods