Research Article

Black Tea Source, Production, and Consumption: Assessment of Health Risks of Fluoride Intake in New Zealand

Table 4

Summary of fluoride intake from Bell tea products for NZ adults as a percentage of AI and UL based on EU dietary reference.

350 ml700 ml1050 ml1400 ml2100 ml2800 ml3500 ml
1 mug2 mugs3 mugs4 mugs6 mugs8 mugs10 mugs

Bell Kenya Bold
F intake (mg/day)1.4–1.52.7–2.94.1–4.45.5–5.98.2–8.810.9–11.813.7–14.7
% of AI
Adult female47–51%94–100%141–152%188–203%282–303%377–406471–506%
Adult male40–44%79–85%120–130%161–173%241–259%321–345%401–432%
% of UL
Adult both sexes20–21%39–42%59–63%78–84%117–126%156–168%195–210%
Bell Original Tea
F intake (mg/day)1.2–1.32.4–2.63.6–3.94.8–5.27.1–7.89.5–10.411.9–13.0
% of AI
Adult female41–45%82–89%123–134%164–179%246–268%328–357%410–447%
Adult male35–38%70–76%105–114%140–152%210–229%280–305%350–381%
% of UL
Adult both sexes17–19%34–37%51–56%68–74%102–111%136–148%170–185%

all other sources of dietary F intake, the consumption of more than 2 mugs of Bell tea products will exceed the AI for healthy adult males and females. Consumption of 6 mugs will exceed the UL.