Journal of Food Processing / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Amino Acid Profiles, Total Nitrogen Contents, and Computed-Protein Efficiency Ratios of Manihot esculenta Root and Dioscorea rotundata Tuber Peels

Table 2

Average amino acid groupings of cassava and yam peels and some ratios.

GroupsCassava peelsYam peelsMeanSD%CV

TAA (g/100 g protein)46.7642.6144.692.084.65
TNEAA (g/100 g protein)24.0022.8923.450.562.39
TEAA (g/100 g protein)22.7619.7221.241.527.16
TAAA (g/100 g protein)7.236.967.100.141.97
TBAA (g/100 g protein)6.736.466.600.142.12
TGAA (g/100 g protein)28.3127.0327.670.642.31
TKAA (g/100 g protein)6.595.946.270.335.26
TEAA/TAA ratio0.490.460.480.1225.00
TNEAA/TAA ratio0.510.540.530.1222.64
TNEAA/TEAA ratio1.051.861.460.4027.40
TAAA/TBAA ratio1.
TGAA/TKAA ratio4.304.554.430.030.68
%Pro/TAA ratio3.463.263.360.102.98
%Gly/TAA ratio5.135.665.400.275.00