Journal of Food Quality / 2017 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Effect of Salinity Intrusion on Food Crops, Livestock, and Fish Species at Kalapara Coastal Belt in Bangladesh

Table 7

Existing and recommended values of salinity indicators in soil and water samples.

SamplesChemical propertiesExisting average valuesRecommended values
DoE, 1997 [11]USEPA, 1994 [12]Horneck et al., 2007 [13]

WaterSalinity %1.88
Electrical conductivity (EC) (µS/cm)322.9300
TDS, mg/l161.561000500–1000
Fluoride (F), mg/l3.6512
Chloride (Cl), mg/l5307.60150–600250
Nitrite (), mg/l0.85<11
Bromide (Br), mg/l12.94
Nitrate (), mg/l4.171010
Phosphate (), mg/l1.056
Sulfate (), mg/l557.34400250
Sodium (Na+), mg/l5186.94200
Potassium (K+), mg/l78.8912
Calcium (Ca2+), mg/l49.4575
Magnesium (Mg2+), mg/l38.5030–35

Electrical conductivity (EC) (mS/cm)6.6880.75–4

Note. DoE stands for Department of Environment, USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).