Journal of Food Quality / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Comprehensive Study on the Effect of Roasting and Frying on Fatty Acids Profiles and Antioxidant Capacity of Almonds, Pine, Cashew, and Pistachio

Table 3

Appraisal between the percentage of fatty acids content among raw and heat-treated nuts.


SFACashew 17.8%Cashew 18.7%Cashew 17.8%
Pistachio 11.9%Pistachio 10.4%Pistachio 11.3%
Almonds 7.2%Almonds 7.6%Almonds 8.1%
Pine 7.2%Pine 7.7%Pine 9%

OLAlmond 69.3%Pine 68.7%Almond 65.1%
Pistachio 60.9%Almond 68.4%Pistachio 61.5%
Cashew 60.5%Cashew 62.3%Cashew 57.2%
Pine 40%Pistachio 61.5%Pine 38.3%

LAPine 52.7%Pistachio 27.9%Pine 52.2%
Pistachio 26.9%Almond 24%Pistachio 26.8%
Almond 23.4%Pine 23.4%Almond 26.7%
Cashew 21.5%Cashew 18.6%Cashew 24.8%

ALAPistachio 0.33%Pistachio 0.36%Pine 0.56%
Pine 0.3%Cashew 0.035%Pistachio 0.4%
Cashew 0.15%Pine 0.06%Cashew 0.27%
Almond 0.05%Almond 0.05%Almond 0.06%

% represents the percentage out of total fat content.