Journal of Food Quality / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Changes in the Physicochemical Quality Characteristics of Cabbage Kimchi with respect to Storage Conditions

Table 2

Analytical parameters for HPLC analysis of organic acids.

Organic acidCorrelation coefficient ()LOD1 (mg/kg)LOQ2 (mg/kg)Recovery3 (%)CV4 (%)

Oxalic acid0.999864.44713.47597.550.53
Citric acid0.999781.1363.44291.600.54
Tartaric acid0.999851.7595.329100.990.37
Malic acid0.999721.6835.101107.211.29
Succinic acid0.999551.3214.003109.811.26
Lactic acid0.999581.5034.55593.350.81
Fumaric acid0.999151.3093.96790.120.72
Acetic acid0.998800.8062.44297.551.99

of detection.
Limit of quantification.
Recovery of citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, lactic acid, and acetic acid spiked at 1,000 ppm, oxalic acid spiked at 200 ppm, tartaric acid spiked at 500 ppm, and fumaric acid spiked at 5 ppm.
Coefficient of variation.