Research Article

Microbiological Quality of Organic and Conventional Leafy Vegetables

Table 1

Summary of the characteristics of the two evaluated farms.

LocationFertilizationWater sourceIrrigation systemIrrigation system

Farm of organic cultivationManual with manure compostingWell water (groundwater)Microirrigation (drip and microspray)Applies the water through small emitter to the soil surface; drip irrigation allows the water to drip slowly to the roots of plants minimizing the water evaporation; microspray applies water to the soil surface by a small spray or mist

Farm of conventional cultivationManual with manureRiver water (surface water)SprinklersSprinkler irrigation is a method similar to natural rainfall; water is delivered through a pressurized pipe network to sprinklers which spray the water into the air

: Solomon et al. [23].