Table 1: Sex, educational status, and survey on knowledge of butchers on hygienic practices in Gullele Subcity.

VariableValuesFrequency no. (%)VariableValuesFrequency no. (%)

SexMale14 (87.5)Paper money handling3Separate cashier1 (6.5)
Female2 (12.5)Butcher7 (43.75)

Educational statusLiterate6 (37.5)Visible skin rash, boils, cuts or woundsYes4 (25)
1–616 (37.5)No8 (50)
7–1024 (25)Difficult4 (25)

TrainingYes10 (65.5)Health certificateCertified8 (50)
No6 (37.5)Not8 (50)

Clean overcoatYes6 (37.5)Hair coverYes4 (25)
No10 (65.5)No12 (75)

Nail shortness & cleanlinessYes6 (37.5)Refrigerator usage3Yes1 (6.5)
No10 (65.5)No7 (43.75)

General sanitation of shop3Better0 (0)Location of toilets and possibilities of contamination3Yes3 (18.75)
Good2 (12.5)No2 (12.5)
Poor6 (37.5)Difficult3 (18.75)

Training on personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. 1Elementary school completed. 2Secondary school completed. 3No. of shops.