Table 2: Comparison of microbial counts (log·cfu/g) of minced meat samples collected from butcher shops.

Microbial typesCollection period
Morning (values in log·cfu/g)Afternoon (values in log·cfu/g)
Mean (+SD)MinMaxMean (+SD)MinMax

Total aerobic mesophilic6.50 ± 0.82a5.0007.126.85 ± 0.83a5.307.44
Total staphylococci4.57 ± 0.87b3.0005.785.77 ± 0.62a4.756.28
Enterobacteriaceae6.31 ± 0.86a4.876.976.77 ± 0.69a5.177.48
Total coliforms6.17 ± 0.69a5.006.946.84 ± 0.65a5.307.28
Fecal coliforms5.53 ± 0.79b4.766.866.11 ± 0.83a5.357.32
Aerobic spores2.35 ± 1.601aBDL3.812.42 ± 1.66aBDL4.00
Yeast and molds5.59 ± 1.15b4.326.966.04 ± 1.18a4.817.31

SD: standard deviation; Min: minimum; Max: maximum. Data are means ± SD from two replications, and values followed by different letters within row indicate significant differences ().