Table 2: Identification and contents (μg·L−1) of volatile compounds in Fondillón wine.

Volatile compoundsCodeDescriptorRT (min)RIANOVAF1F2F3F4F5F6F7
Exp.Lit.Concentration (μg·L−1)

Sulfur dioxideV14.48nana139 bϒ16 d14 d163 b292 a61 c38 cd
Acetic acidV2Vinegar4.83nana70 b49 b73 b56 b632 a49 b64 b
Ethyl acetateV3Anise, ethereal5.14nana737 c746 c959 c631 c3655 a339 d1733 b
Ethyl propanoateV4Pineapple, wine5.587127149 d19 d28 d20 d119 c353 b1126 a
Isoamyl alcoholV5Whiskey6.03735732836 b1262 a1057 a474 c1100 a106 d27 d
Ethyl 2-methylpropanoateV66.49759747NS201823121728125
(E,E)-2,3-Butanediol¥V87.2479780314 b41 b136 a14 b19 b6 b152 a
Ethyl lactateV9Butter, fruity7.55812815NS1841551232319735230
Ethyl 2-methylbutyrateV10Apple, green, plum8.19845847NS23546961332862
Ethyl 3-methylbutyrateV11Apple, green, plum8.26848853NS31545153511956
1-HexanolV12Green, herb8.61866864NS33544074382948
Isoamyl acetateV13Banana, pear8.7687487576 b72 b66 b103 a89 ab27 c122 a
α-ThujeneV1410.429389302 c33 b10 b1 c85 a2 c2 c
α-PineneV15Woody10.559439400 c0 c22 b0 c126 a0 c1 c
BenzaldehydeV16Almond, cherry11.689819802 c141 a132 a65 b18 c65 b104 ab
Ethyl hexanoateV17Fruity, wine12.3210021000NS202271216389253158284
Ethyl heptanoateV20Berry, fruity16.1611011100NS209131911815
Ethyl sorbateV21Fruity, ethereal16.4011061111557 a14 b20 b2 b2 b4 b42 b
NonanalV22Fruity, nutty, citrus16.7711151112NS41401872293838
Phenethyl alcoholV23Honey, rose17.4811311127416 c589 b423 c617 a706 a270 c550 bc
Octanoic acidV24Oily19.4811761180NS31473636971135
Benzyl acetateInternal standard19.5311771168
1-NonanolV25Citrus, rose19.6611801173NS13372625371514
Diethyl succinateV26Grape, fruity, wine19.98118711911051 b1842 a1643 ab1949 a1970 a729 b2053 a
Ethyl octanoateV27Apricot, floral20.7812051204637 b709 b757 b1959 a1701 a727 b968 b
DecanalV28Floral, citrus21.4212191212NS28271739192922
Ethyl-2-phenyl acetateV2923.3412601255NS11162129241022
Phenethyl acetateV30Fruity, grape, wine23.9212731265NS1414112331420
VitispiraneV31Camphor, eucalyptus25.341303128626 c20 cd83 a63 b8 d19 cd46 b
Ethyl nonanoateV32Fruity, nutty25.48130612971 b0 b2 b22 a10 b1 b0 b
γ-NonalactoneV33Whiskey27.23134413441 b3 b6 b10 b44 a6 b7 b
Decanoic acidV34Fatty, citrus28.6013741373NS19641504
TDNV35Petroleum29.06138413671 d1 d53 a39 b16 c12 c48 ab
Ethyl decanoateV36Grape, oily30.191409140524 d21 d40 d237 b548 a81 c48 cd
DodecanalV37Herb, floral31.05142814203 b2 b4 b10 b81 a3 b2 b
(Z)-4-dodecenol¥V3831.781445145721 c54 b70 ab76 ab119 a20 c49 b
Ethyl dodecanoate¥V39Green, fruity, floral39.1216151598NS10022311
Total (mg·L−1)5.33 c6.50 b6.32 b7.66 b12.4 a3.30 c8.27 b

¥Tentatively identified; RT: retention time; RI: retention indexes; Exp.: experimental; Lit.: literature. reference [22]. NS = not significant at ; , , and significant at , 0.01, and 0.001, respectively. ϒValues (mean of 3 replications) followed by the same letter, within the same row, were not significantly different (), according to Tukey’s least significant difference test.