Table 2: Correlation between the main Pan-African compressional axes in northern Togo and southeast Ghana.

Pan-African deformation phasesCompressional axis ( 𝜎 1 ) reconstructed in northern Togo (according to work by Affaton et al., [12]; Tairou, [10]; Tairou et al., [13])Compressional axis ( 𝜎 1 ) reconstructed in southeast Ghana
Mobile ZoneMobile ZoneStable Zone

Dn+1NE-SW to ENE-WSW (N40 to N80)NNE-SSW to NE-SW (N20 to N40)
Dn+2ESE-WNW (N100 to N115)ENE-WSW to E-W (N80 to N90)
Dn+3SE-NW (N120 to N130)SE-NW (N120 to N130)SE-NW (N120)
Dn+4SE-NW to SSE-NNW (N140 to N150)SE-NW to SSE-NNW (N140 to N175)SSE-NNW to S-N (N340 to N02)