Table 2: Characteristic features of erosion surfaces in both the proximal and the distal muddy settings.

CharactersProximal muddy settingsDistal muddy settings

Boundary natureIrregular, scoured, cutting down, gradational to irregularSharp to irregular
LithofaciesCalcareous-rich mudstone facies with dolomitic cementationClay-rich mudstone facies with pyritic cementation
Reworked concretionsRounded to subrounded calcareous shale intraclasts Rounded to subrounded phosphatic pellets
Shelly laminaeReworked shell fragmentsCompacted shelly laminae
Shale ripup clastsRarely occurredElongated, flaky with sharp edges
Energy levelsHigh energy enough to include reworked shale intraclasts and other componentsLow energy where the shale rip-up clasts are suspended in the sea bed layer