Journal of Healthcare Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

sEMG Signal Acquisition Strategy towards Hand FES Control

Table 3

Analysis of the combinations of selected channels and features with best performance during training, for each window length.

Window length (s)ChannelsFeaturesClassifier accuracy (%)

0.021–3WL, SD80.69
0.051–3WL, SD88.23
0.101–3WL, SD, V91.56
0.301–3, 7-8MAV, WL, SD, V93.86
0.501–3, 7MAV, WL, SD95.83
1.001–4, 7-8MAV, WL, SD, V, IAV94.68
3.001–3, 7-8MAV, WL, SD, IAV95.14

The bold rows correspond to classification accuracies above 95%.