Figure 4: DRI OCT Triton, anterior scan 6 mm. A representative scan showing the qualitative assessment. Hyperreflective strand of the intact trabeculo-Descemet’s membrane separates a well-defined hyporeflective scleral lake. Hyporeflective trace of the intrascleral fluid communicates with the scleral lake and extends inferiorly and posteriorly to the scleral flap. Hyporeflective pockets of the subconjunctival fluid are identified superior to the scleral flap. Microcysts are recognised as multiple hyporeflective fluid collections within the conjunctiva. Scleral flap is marked to help identify the structures 1–5. 1: trabeculo-Descemet’s membrane integrity, 2: scleral lake (SL), 3: intrascleral fluid (IF), 4: subconjunctival fluid collections (SCF) and 5: conjunctival microcysts (microcysts). 6: scleral flap.