Table 2: Voxel-based differences of WM deduced by using the contrast elite control subjects exhibiting four significant clusters having at least 20 clusters are summarized.

Cluster p (FWE)Cluster EquivkPeak p (FWE)Peak Tx (mm)y (mm)z (mm)Label

0.00021980.000010.39Mammillary region (b)
0.00061410.00058.7610.5Hypothalamus (a)
0.01566.70153Hypothalamus (a)
0.0017970.00237.82616.57.5Caudate nucleus right
0.0097330.00647.21−37.525.54.5Left insula (c)

Each cluster is represented with a letter. The location of the clusters can be seen in Figure 2. Cluster level FWE corrected probability values are reported with the MNI coordinates with the statistical values of the peak voxel in the cluster. Peak T value stands for the maximum of t statistic value for a voxel in a cluster. Peak p (FWE) stands for the voxel level significance value where at least one cluster with unspecified number of voxels is above the threshold . The number of voxels above the threshold in a cluster is denoted with the cluster k while the cluster p (FWE) is the cluster level probability. MNI coordinates and corresponding anatomical names are represented by and label, variables, respectively.