Input: X = [X1, X2, …, Xn]: returns of n APIs;
W = [ω1, ω2, …, ωn]: weights of n APIs;
γ: similarity threshold;
θ: extractor threshold;
Output: T: a list of clinical terms
Initialisation: ωα = 0.25 and ωβ = 0.75
Filter out same/similar terms extracted by one API
(1)for i = 1 to n do
(2)  for xa in Xido
(3)   Get the rest of terms: Xj = Xi − Xa
(4)   for xb in Xjdo
(5)    calculate the percentage of equal terms over all 10 terms: α
(6)    calculate the percentage of equal terms over top 3 terms: β
(7)    calculate the pairwise similarity:
(8)    if δ ≥ γ then
(9)     discard same/similar term: Xi = Xi − Xb
(10)    end if
(11)   end for
(12)  end for
(13)end for
(14) Get filtered arrays of terms: Xδ = [X1δ, X2δ, …, X]
   Filter out extracted terms by the weights over all APIs
(15) Compute weights over all APIs: Xω = 
(16)for ωsum, x in Xωdo
(17)  if ωsum ≥ θ then
(18)   Add the term the final list: T+ = [x]
(19)  end if
(20)end for
(21)return T
Algorithm 1: Pseudocode of the API integration algorithm.