Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Application of Systems Simulation for Predicting and Optimising Energy Requirements for HDF Production

Table 1

Criteria for the evaluation of simulation software packages.

Criteria for assessing the simulation softwareFeatures for assessing the simulation software

General featuresSystem requirements: RAM, operating system
Costs: license, software installation, and training

Data input/output criteriaData importing: electronic spread sheets, AutoCAD files
Input data mode: batch, interactive,
Reports: standard, customized, data statistics generation
Printing: screen layout, generated reports

Development criteriaIcons: standard and user-defined library, icon editor
Background chart: image import, screen layout editor
Codification: codification assistants, programming using supplier’s language, global variables, and entity attributes
Typical objects for model development: material handling, grouping, and separation of entities, schedule, resources, entities arrival, downtimes, and conditional routing
Animation: enable/disable configuration, speed control
date/hour visualization, instantaneous variable, and charts

Efficiency and testing criteriaError detection: execution tracking, inserting stop points
Inspection of instantaneous variables, stepwise execution
Model construct/constraints/validation.

Execution criteriaMultiple replications
Batch mode
Warm-up period

Technical support/modelling assistance criteriaTechnical user support: user’s manual, tutorials application-based examples, on-line help, technical support, trainings, and software updates.