Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 9

Research Article

Application of Systems Simulation for Predicting and Optimising Energy Requirements for HDF Production

Table 9

The data for the 4-3 shift cycle scenario compared to the 10-4 shift cycle scenario.

10-4 shift cycle (base line)4-3 shift cycle scenario
Line 1Line 2Finish lineLine 1Line 2Finish line

Production (units)169,400176,232648,702176,094173,005673,174
Energy consumption (kWh)610,737634,238107,227633,720623,672107,643
Cost (€)366,442380,54364,336380,232374,20364,585
Overall savings
 kWh saved/month−6,6943,227−416
 € saved/month−13,7906,340−249
 % Energy saved−3.95%1.83%−0.4%
 % kWh/unit saved0.27%0%6.25%
 % €/unit saved0.46 %0%10%