Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Approach in Determining the Employer’s Selection Criteria

Table 1

Employers’ feedback on the satisfaction level of student skills.

Domain Employer feedback

CognitiveD4Willingness to accept responsibility
D5Interest in the task/project given
D6Commitment to the tasks/projects assigned
D13Ability to solve problems
D15Ability to analyze problems
D19Ability to make decisions
D21Ability to apply knowledge and skills learnt at UKM

D9Compliance with procedures and rules
D10Appropriate attire
D11Ability to understand instructions from the supervisor/employer

AffectiveD2Ability to perform tasks/projects
D7Good relationships with other employees in the organization
D12Ability to work in a team
D14Leadership skills
D18Ability to plan and carry out the tasks given

Psychomotor and cognitiveD3Having the initiative/willingness to learn
D8Capability of communication/information delivery
D16Ability to describe the results of the analysis/project
D17Ability to think creatively
D20Ability to express opinions related to the job
D22Ability to use the latest technology