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Developmental Immunology
Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 29-50

Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells to Lympho-Hematopoietic Lineagesin Vitro

Basel Institute for Immunology, Basel CH-4005, Switzerland

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Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells can differentiate in culture to late stages of many cell lineages. have found culture conditions that are favorable for development in vitro of ES cells into hematopoietic cells at a stage equivalent to day 11-14 of fetal liver development. describe here: (1) the growth conditions necessary for maintenance of ES cells in an undifferentiated state, and the conditions that allow differentiation of cystic embryoid bodies that contain precursors of most hematopoietic cell lineages, including lymphoid cells; (2) the development of lymphoid vessels from ES fetusesin vivo; (3) the characterization of lymphoid, erythroid, megakaryoid, and myeloid cells from ES fetuses; and (4) the cloning of cell lines representing lymphoid, myeloid lineage cells from differentiated ES cells.