Table 1: BCG-HVJ-E/HSP65 DNA + IL-12 DNA Prime/Boost Experiment. Groups of mice were vaccinated 2 or 3 times with IgHSP65 + mIL-12/HVJ-E vaccine and/or BCG by using the prime-boost method. IgHSP65 + mIL-12/HVJ-E vaccine was injected intramuscularly, and BCG was injected subcutaneously. 4 weeks after the last immunization, M. tuberculosis H37Rv was challenged intravenously. 5 weeks and 10 weeks after TB challenge, protection was measured by enumerating bacterial loads (CFU) in the lungs, liver, and spleen from vaccinated mice. One week before the TB challenge, the immune responses of cytotoxic T cells, proliferation of T cells, and cytokines (IFN- γ, IL-2, IL-6) production were assayed.

GroupFirst immunizationSecond immunizationThird immunization

3HSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-EHSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-EHSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-E
4BCGHSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-EHSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-E
5HSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-EHSP65 + IL-12/HVJ-EBCG

13 mice per group.
3 mice for the in vitro assay prior to challenge (IFN-γ ELISPOT, etc.).
10 mice for the protection study (half of the mice were used for necropsy at 5 weeks after challenge and half at 10 weeks).