Clinical Study

Comparative Approach to Define Increased Regulatory T Cells in Different Cancer Subtypes by Combined Assessment of CD127 and FOXP3

Figure 4

Functional analysis of CD4+CD127lowCD25+ Treg cells in cancer patients. (a) Sorting strategy for isolating CD4+CD127lowCD25+ Treg cells (Treg) as well as conventional CD4+CD127+CD25 T cells (Tconv). (b) Expression of FOXP3 in the corresponding T-cell populations. (c) Percentage of proliferation of CD4+CD25CD127+ Tconv cells (black bar) alone or cultivated with CD4+CD127lowCD25+ Treg cells derived from CRC patients ( ) at a 1 : 1 ratio (white bar) both in the presence of CD3/CD28 mAb coated beads. Error bars represent standard deviation (*, , Student’s t test).