Clinical Study

Comparative Approach to Define Increased Regulatory T Cells in Different Cancer Subtypes by Combined Assessment of CD127 and FOXP3

Figure 5

Assessment of naïve CCR7+CD45RA+CD4+CD127lowFOXP3+ Treg cells. (a) Frequencies of CCR7+CD45RA+ naïve CD4+CD127lowFOXP3+ Treg cells (Tnaive), CCR7+CD45RACD4+CD127lowFOXP3+ central memory Treg cells (TCM), and CCR7CD45RACD4+CD127lowFOXP3+ effector memory Treg cells (TEM) were assessed in peripheral blood using gating on CD127 and FOXP3 with successive gating on CCR7 and CD45RA. (b) Flow cytometric analysis of naïve, central memory, and effector memory CD4+CD127lowFOXP3+ Treg cells in peripheral blood from a representative healthy individual (control) as well as representative patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), CLL, MGUS, and multiple myeloma (MM). Frequencies of regulatory Tnaive, TCM, and TEM cells were assessed in (c) peripheral blood of CRC (CRC, ), CLL (CLL, ), MGUS (MGUS, ), MM (MM, ), and healthy individuals (control, ) and (d) 7 reactive lymph node biopsies from healthy individuals (reactive), 7 patients with follicular lymphoma (FL), and 6 patients with Hodgkin’s disease (HD). Error bars represent standard deviation (*, , Student’s t-test).