Research Article

The Development of Severe Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia due to Anti-HPA-1a Antibodies Is Correlated to Maternal ABO Genotypes

Table 2

Platelet counts in the newborns with NAIT.

Maternal ABO typesN * Median platelet countMean platelet count (95% CI) value with Bonferroni correction

Blood group OGenotype O01/O01 986 83.2 (56.9–109.6)
Genotypes O01/O02 and O02/O02 172143.7 (22.7–64.7)0.043
Blood group A473146.1 (35.0–57.2)0.028

*Total number of pregnancies resulting in a newborn with NAIT (platelet count ≤150) was 83. DNA for genotyping was available for 68 women with blood group O or A, and they had altogether 73 HPA-1-incompatible pregnancies.
Comparison with platelet counts in children born of women with the genotype O01/O01.