Figure 3: Experimentally induced colitis in control and Atg7IEC-KO mice. Control and Atg7IEC-KO mice were continuously challenged with 3% DSS in the drinking water. Illustrated data are representative ( independent experiments). (a) Average weight dynamics were calculated from mouse body weights relative to day 0. Data show mean values ± SEM ( control mice, Atg7IEC-KO mice). (b) Survival analysis. (c) Colonoscopic pictures of control and Atg7IEC-KO mice 14 days after beginning of DSS treatment. (d) Scoring of the extent of colitis. Data show mean values + SEM ( mice in each group). (e) Histological analysis of the distal part of the colon from control and Atg7IEC-KO mice, treated with DSS for 14 days, by H & E staining (upper row) and TUNEL (bottom row). (f) Infiltration of CD11c+ cells (red, upper row) and MPO+ cells (red, bottom row) into the colon of DSS-treated control and Atg7IEC-KO mice was detected by immunohistochemical analysis. Nuclei are shown in blue.