Table 1: Characteristics of the 9 PAPS patients with epileptic seizures.

ComorbidityAge (years) sex, raceSeizure onset after PAPSLRSeizure type>1 seizureMRIEEGDrugs

1DVTHypothyroidism49, F, C+Generalized tonic-clonic+NLEA in frontal regionCBZ, PHT, PB, WAR
2StrokeHypertension52, F, C++Partial complexRight fronto-parietooccipital strokeNLPB, ASA
3StrokeChorea gravidarum, preeclampsia29, F, C+Partial complex with secondary generalization+Left frontal and basal ganglia hyperintense lesionsEA in left parietooccipital regionPB, PHT, CLB, GBP, ASA
4DVT, PTE, stroke, miscarriagesRheumatic fever32, F, C++Partial+Right temporo-parietooccipital strokeEA in right parietal regionCLB, PHT, TPM, WAR
5DVT, miscarriagesDepression51, F, MulPartial complex+Left periventricular and parietal strokeEA in left parietal regionCBZ, OXC, WAR
6Renal TMA, stroke, TIA, miscarriagesRenal transplantation depression53, F, C+Partial complex with secondary generalizationLeft frontotemporal srtrokeEA in left temporal regionPHT, WAR, ASA
7Thrombocytopenia, strokeHypothyroidism splenectomy45, M, C+Partial complex with secondary generalizationStroke of territory of the middle cerebral arteryEA in left temporal regionCBZ, ASA
8DVT, thrombocytopenia35, M, C+Generalized tonic-clonicNLNDPB, PHT, WAR
9DVT, thrombocytopeniaCompulsive gambler53, M, C++Generalized tonic-clonicNLNDPHT, WAR

ASA: aspirin; CBZ: carbamazepine; C: Caucasian; CLB: clobazam; DVT: deep venous thrombosis; EA: epileptiform activity; EEG: electroencephalogram; F: female; GBP: gabapentin; M: male; Mul: mulatto; NL: normal; ND: not done; PAPS: primary antiphospholipid syndrome; PTE: pulmonary thromboembolism; TMA: microangiopathic; OXC: oxcarbazepine; PB: phenobarbital; PHT: phenytoin; TPM: topiramate; WAR: warfarin.