Table 2: Preeclampsia criteria.

Preeclampsia(i) High blood pressure (>140/90 mmHg) associated with proteinuria (300 mg in a 24-hour urine sample) after 20 WG
(ii) increase in SBP ≥30 mmHg or in DBP ≥15 mmHg after 20 WG, with edema and/or proteinuria

Severe preeclampsia(i) Presence of preeclampsia as described above and at least one of the following criteria
(ii) SBP ≥160 mmHg, or DBP ≥110 mmHg on two occasions at least 6 hours apart
(iii) Proteinuria ≥5 g in a 24-hour urine sample collected at least 4 hours apart
(iv) Pulmonary edema or cyanosis
(v) Oliguria (<400 mL in 24 hours)
(vi) Persistent headaches
(vii) Epigastric pain and/or impaired liver function
(viii) Thrombocytopenia
(ix) Oligohydramnios, decreased fetal growth, or placental abruption